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Iā€™m wearing @ohizhe earrings which are made from recycled and sustainably sourced materials, these bad boys are on heavy rotation in my wardrobe! šŸŠšŸŠšŸŠ



Zucchini is a Melbourne based independent clothing label run by Izabelle Chabierski!

We offer an approach to personal style that is imaginative; recalling the freedom of childhood dress-up. Our aim is to create vibrant and engaging clothing that is sustainable in the long term. Pieces will be made from locally sourced natural fibres, as well as some recycled fabrics. 


Contact me via for Zucchini collaborations, fun ideas and groovy chats šŸ‘„








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ZUCCHINI'S Sustainability Policy šŸŒ±

We are working towards an eventual goal of a completely
closed-loop service. This would mean collecting used-clothing and materials from our customers, breaking down the product, and renewing as fibres & trims into NEW usable materials.

Our first phase of this development is a collection of pieces constituted of only natural fibres and/or fabrics dissected from second-hand purchases.



  • By only sourcing first-hand fabrics that are comprised of natural fibres, we are working with materials that will biodegrade back into the earth easily.
  • Avoiding purchasing first-hand synthetic fabrics  means that we are actively discouraging the production of synthetic fibres which are responsible for major chemical waste and exhaustive use of non-renewable resources. šŸŒ» 


  • The majority of fabric waste that accumulates during our production process is re-purposed into our designs or used for cleaning around the Ratkini studio.  This means less waste is sent to landfill.



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